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CFDA Certification Health ECG Smartwatch With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitoring Health Tracker Watch

CFDA Certification Health ECG Smartwatch With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitoring Health Tracker Watch

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Main Funtions
🏥 ECG / EKG (Electrocardiogram) on Hands
-Take an ECG any time, anywhere that comes with a complete waveform report. Accurately records real ECG signals and generates ECG waveforms similar to single-lead ECGs within 30s. Potential to detect thirteen types of abnormal cardiac signals such as atrial fibrillation, and perform analysis to evaluate overall heart health for reference.

Leading Multi-channel Optical Bio Sensor Design - More Accurate Result

7-Channel Light Path Design & 6 Led Light Sources, 3 Electrodes and Specifically Developed Monitoring Algorithms

💗 24 hrs Non-stop Heart Rate Monitoring
-Notifies you when resting heart rate exceeds the normal range

RIG can accurately monitor your heart rate 24 hrs and it alerts you when your heart rate is higher or lower than normal range. It can also record your maximum, fat burning, warm-up, and resting heart rate, displays vital statistics through-out the day as well as during different activities so you can keep an eyes on overall patterns and abnomalities to help you with analyzing exercise efficiency.

-Heart Rate Variability. 
The easy-to-understand Lorenz scatter diagram analysis can accurately and intuitively express the overall variability and instantaneous variability of heart rate
💤 Sleep Smarter With RIG.
-Automatically Starts Tracking when users fall asleep even if it's just a few minutes nap. Identifies user's sleep stages with high precision and restores detailed sleep cycle data including duration, deep sleep & light sleep, insomnia, wake-up time, REM sleep, sleep efficiency. Set up a bedtime routine and improve your sleep quality!

-Sleep Health Analysis. Screen for symptoms of dangerous sleep apnea and tracks data such as heart load, body movement and other time-synchronized physiological information in order to comprehensively analyze  your sleep health~

-Your body will be affected seriously when it remains at low blood oxygen levels. RIG automatically measures the blood oxygen saturation level at night from 0:00-7:00 am, using a sophisticated machine learning program to identify sleep apnea,cardiac load, abnormal sleep behaviors, respiratory rate, hypoxia period. Detect changes in your blood oxygen levels and alert you at night when it drops to an unsafe level, helping you to predict potential health risks in advance.

-Two groups of red led light and infrared led light coupled with expertly developed blood oxygen algorithm to determine your blood oxygen level.


Automatically monitors Spo² level at night to prevent apnea, if your Spo² values remain in a dangerous range, which may affect your health, RIG will issue an alarm in time.


💧 IP68 Waterproof & Dustproof
It is always inevitable to encounter water and dust in life. RIG is deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand and resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes

 🚴 Multiple Sport Modes Achieve New Breakthroughs
-Steps, distance, calories, setting goals, 10 modes of workout, the record of activity will help you plan exercises one step ahead. Watch RIG records your exercise data so that you can better understand the details of your workouts. Let's achieve new breakthroughs together!

 -Realtime Step Counter
Intelligent sport step counter, equipped with precise tri-axis motion sensors. Incorporating a scientific fitness data management system to avoid error calculation.

🙋‍♀️ Female Health
Menstrual Cycle Tracker & Reminder - Physiological period and pregnancy record tracking. Protect women's health

📲 Sync Call & Message to RIG in Time
Message Reminder synchronously receives the notifications of email, SMS and SNS(including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, and more app). Watch RIG also supports rejecting or muting the incoming calls. You will never miss a call or message!

📸 Customizable Dial Face
Personalize watch's Dial by uploading your own photos or selecting from our constantly updated dial gallery


Description: This product comes with a charger
rig ecg smart watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my wrist fit on the Fitaos watches?
A: Yes, all of our smartwatches have adjustable bands that can fit with any wrist.
Q: Is my smartphone compatible with any Fitaos Smartwatch?
A: Yes, you can connect any smartphone, whether it’s Android or Apple to your Fitaos Smartwatch via Bluetooth.
Q: Can I receive phone calls?
A: Yes! You can answer calls, view texts, check notifications without needing to pull out your phone.
Q: Are these smartwatches waterproof?
A: Our smartwatches are water resistant, which means that they’re able to be in contact with certain amount of water but we do not recommend to swim, dive or take a shower with them.
Q: Do I need an app to use the Fitaos RIG Smartwatches?
A: YES! You need to install the APP Veepoo Health and connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
Q: Is the app free to use?
A: The app is independently developed, and all features are available for free.
Q: Why can't the app connect to other devices?
A: Veepoo Health is our own developed app, which can only be used to connect to our RIG smartwatch.
Q: Why can't it measure blood oxygen data?
A: Check if the device can measure heart rate data correctly. If it can, then the sensor is working properly. Make sure you are testing in a stationary state; blood oxygen cannot be measured during physical activity.
Q: Are these smartwatches waterproof?
A: Our smartwatches are water resistant, which means that they’re able to be in contact with certain amount of water but we do not recommend to swim, dive or take a shower with them.
Q: Does the watch support ECG?
A: Yes, it supports ECG.
Q: What is the battery life?
A: It can last up to 7 days per charging cycle depending on how you use it.
Q: How long does it take to charge fully?
A: Your smartwatch will be fully charged after approximately 1 hours.
Q: Do you offer guarantee on your products?
A: Of course! All our smartwatches are covered with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in case that they don't fit your needs. For details, please refer to our refund policy.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
kevin benade

CFDA Certification Health ECG Smartwatch With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitoring Health Tracker Watch

(RIG)Frank M
More than satisfied

Haven’t had any issues with this product at all. Very impressed.

Thomas Baird
Have worn for a six months

This watch is amazing for the price. The heart health features are top notch. Having a pacemaker and being 85, this watch with the HRV, sleep, HR, and EKG features helps me monitor and improve my health.

RIG Smart Watch

The package arrived well protected and sealed, The truth is the watch is beautiful, it has no detail of imperfection and it is such that the description. The screen looks very sharp and the system goes smoothly as well as the connection to the application is stable. I have no complaints, so far all the tests I have done have been good and measure the health issue well. It's worth the watch and the store is very reliable.

Bearscome RIG With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitoring Health Smart Watch

This one is for the husband, the appearance is very nice, the watch screen is very clear, and we middle-aged people don't look labored. Especially let her husband use the watch to measure blood pressure and compare the blood pressure instrument at home, calibrated several times after the blood pressure is very accurate! After using it for a few days, it feels good so far!