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We have been thinking and innovating "more convenient, more direct and more applicable" methods to track and manage people's health.

Explore the innovative development of information technology to make health tracking more effective,
make health management more convenient.
make people healthier and better.

  • Continuous heart Rate

    Photo Plethysmography Technology. The device's LED illuminates the skin and measures changes in the reflection rate of light. Converting optical signals into electrical signals is done by distinguishing the varying reflective rate of light when blood flows through arteries. The obtained signals can be divided into DC signals and AC signals, and the AC signal is extracted to reflect the blood flow characteristics.

  • Electrocardiogram

    Portable ECG monitoring technology, which is independently developed by Veepoo. It can accurately track real ECG signals and generate ECG waveforms similar to single-lead ECGs within 30 seconds.
    ECG monitoring technology can effectively detect 13 types of abnormal heart signals such as atrial fibrillation and analyze them to assess heart health.

  • Blood Oxygen Level

    The amount of oxygen in the heme will affect the reflection rate of infrared and red light. Therefore, two different rays of infrared light and red light are emitted, and the pulse signal is collected by the sensor, and the user's blood oxygen value can be estimated through the independent algorithm of Us.

  • Sleep Tracking

    Continuously collecting the body's PPG signal, respiratory rate, micro-movements, and other data, and process data through our advanced algorithm to realize the high-precision identification of sleep state, restore the user's entire sleep cycle, provide analysis to help customers improve sleep. In addition, it can also intervene when dangerous apnea occurs.

Your Health is Our Top Priority.

Fitaos is an Intelligent Health Terminal retail brand We adheres to the vision of "To reinvent how people take control of their health through the power of technology and innovation.", and is committed to scientific research, development, and application of data monitoring of activities, physiological functions, as well as medical assistance. Since 2005, Our company has formed a team of world-renowned optical and terahertz diagnostic experts, with the goal of developing an innovative method for implementing health monitoring solutions on wearable products conveniently and accurately. At present, we is far ahead in human activity and health monitoring technology and has obtained more than 60 domestic and foreign invention patents. We provide activities, health, medical, and other wearable technology solutions to the world, it includes sports tracking, health tracking, and other medical applications. The hardware category involves IOT smartwatches, smart bracelets, and other customized portable monitoring devices. Our technology and products are highly recognized and trusted by our partners for their data accuracy and stability. At the moment, we have worked with more than 500 companies, corporations, medical institutions with Activity tracking, Health tracking, Medical Wearable solutions services, personalized software, and hardware solutions as well as finished ODM services. Our company has obtained more than 40 intellectual property rights (technical invention patents and software developments, etc.) both at home and abroad. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and appreciated by millions of users worldwide. With the foundation of precision tracking of human activities and physiological health data, we are able to develop more advanced technology that can be used with various platforms and devices by integrating software and hardware, to provide ultra-fast and high-precision health data monitoring. This technology could have numerous applications in various fields including medical institutions. Our goal is to build a greater future by revolutionizing health care by bringing easier, more accurate health monitoring and data processing technology to people.