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FITAOS Heart rate Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Talk Sports Smartwatch

FITAOS Heart rate Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Talk Sports Smartwatch

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100+Multi-sport mode

No matter which sport you enjoy, there are fitness training programs that are suitable for you. Whether you choose running, basketball, soccer, cycling, or any other activity that interests you, feel free to exercise as your every move will be monitored by it.

Non-invasive blood glucose testing

Without taking blood, wearing it on your wrist, you can detect blood sugar data at any time
High blood sugar will easily lead to high blood pressure, as high blood sugar can lead to blood sugar disorders, which can easily lead to vascular disease, then resulting in increased high blood pressure.
Combined with optical, signal processing, and artificial intelligence technology assistance, it can provide continuous blood-sugar monitoring, easily understand the trend of your blood sugar, adjust diet, exercise, and other lifestyles according to the data, and better control blood sugar levels.


Blood pressure monitoring

Using high-performance optical sensors and self-developed optimization algorithms, it can accurately measure and record your blood pressure.


Heart rate monitoring too high alarm

24-hour non-stop tracking, recording every minute of heartbeat.When the heart rate is too high, It will issue a warning and present you with the heart rate data change curve and interval distribution throughout the day.

Countless watch faces

Choose from a variety of dials according to your preferences.The dial market is continuously updated, catering to different scenes and moods, meeting your ever-changing needs.Not enough? Transform your favorite photos and images saved on your phone into a background, bringing the world to your watch face. Each time the screen lights up, it offers you a unique experience.

Three knob buttons

Lightweight alloy case with fine polish 3 buttons multi-functional assistance for easy operation


24/7 monitoring of heart rate
Blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen

Faster and Faster

Fitaos leverages a low-power, high-performance Bluetooth chip for enhanced acquisition of motion data, faster Bluetooth connection between the smartwatch and your compatible phone.

Bluetooth calling

Instant connection to the Wearproapp without the need to reconnectBluetooth for Bluetooth callingDouble-click to activate the voiceassistant, completely freeing yourhands, and completing commandoperations through Al voice assistants

24/7 Automatic Identification

Sleep Tracking Technology

Breaks down your sleep data Every sleep cycle and pinpoints how you can improve your sleep based on 9 key sleep metrics. Learn about the quality sleep, and get a breakdown of time in light, deep and REM sleep with APP. and suggestions for improving sleep quality.Provides sleep data. Gives you insight into your sleep status

GPS route tracking

When you activate the running feature on the app, it will track your GPS movement trajectory and accurately record your mileage and calorie consumption data. After finishing, the data will be pushed to your smartwatch for storage and later viewing

World Clock

Steadfast towards the unknown. The mysterious deep black color tone, along with the nano zinc alloy watch ring and red scale markings, provide clear visibility and accompany you to explore the unknown path.


When walking in the wilderness, a precise compass is just as important as a sturdy pair of boots. The newly equipped compass function surpasses your imagination.

NFC Access card

The watch is the access control key
Built-in NFC chip simulates access control

  • Rich dials

    Many dials and optional
    Support customizing photos as dials

  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof

    With an lP68-level waterproof and dustproof rating, the watch can be used normally even when washing hands or on rainy days allowing you to face any challenge and accompany you to go further.

  • HD Screen

    The border less design concept, with a large 1.6" HD touch screen covered by 3D glass and a natural transition to the carefully polished watch body, provides a great sense of design and a wider field of view.



Fitness & Work Out(5)

  • 40+ Exercise Modes

Track your favorite exercises like runs, bike rides, weights, yoga & more and get live stats on your wrist.

  • Heart rate tracking

The heart of it all—heart rate powers important data like calorie burn, sleep stages, resting heart rate & more.

  • Active Zone Minutes

Tracks your time in heart rate zones so you get credit when you work harder. Workouts in cardio or peak zones earn double minutes.

  • All-Day Activity Tracking

Just get moving, we'll take care of the rest. Smartwatch tracks your steps, distance, calories burned & Active Zone Minutes 24/7.

  • Timer & Stopwatch

Get instant access to tools that make our life easier—like a timer for interval training and a stopwatch for tracking sets at the gym.

Health & Exploration(12)

  • ECG App for heart rhythm assessment

Compatible ECG app lets you assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation—a heart rhythm irregularity—and share results with your healthcare professional. The ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications feature are only available in select countries and with select products; not intended for use by people under 22 years old. The irregular rhythm notifications feature is not intended for use by people with known atrial fibrillation.

  • High & Low Heart Rate Notifications 

If resting heart rate is above or below your usual range, you get notified in the app.

  • SpO2 (Blood oxygen) tracking

Tracking SpO2 helps tell you the amount of oxygen in your blood, which can help you understand potential changes in your wellness. Not available in all markets.Not available in all countries. Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose. Intended to help you manage your well-being and keep track of your information. Requires more frequent charging.

  • Skin temperature variation

Identifies changes in skin temperature, which can be related to activity, illness, menstrual cycle & more.

  • Resting Heart rate

An important indicator of your heart health & fitness. In general, active people have a lower RHR.

  • Breathing Rate

Small variations in your breathing rate could be a sign of changes in your well-being.
Only available in select countries. Not intended for medical purposes or to diagnose or treat any medical condition. This feature is only intended to provide information to assist you with managing your well-being.

  • Irregular heart rhythm notifications

Check for signs of an irregular heart rhythm that may be atrial fibrillation (AFib), so you can share this information with your healthcare provider.

  • Blood Glucose Trends

Log your glucose levels and see how activity, sleep, stress & nutrition impact your trends in the app.
Not a replacement for medical advice and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Intended to help you monitor and keep track of your information. Talk to your healthcare provider for more guidance.

  • Menstrual health tracking

Log periods, record symptoms, find patterns in your cycle & estimate your ovulation window.
Not intended to be used for contraceptive or other medical purposes. May not accurately predict your menstrual cycles or related information. Intended only to help you monitor and keep track of certain information.

  • Health & Wellness Reminders

Activate optional personalized reminders for beneficial tasks that can be tough to remember, like staying hydrated, sticking to a sleep schedule, getting in activity and more. Feel like you've been sitting too long? A buzz on your wrist lets you know it's time to move. 

  • Keep your body in balance

Stay in the know about your body with the advanced BIA sensor.Get readings on body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, Body Mass Index (BMI) and more — so you have all the stats to stay on track.


  • Sleep Score 

Learn about the quality of your previous night's sleep with a personalized Sleep Score.

  • Sleep Profile

Get matched with a sleep animal and see a personalized analysis of your sleep every month.

  • Sleep tracking & sleep stages

Automatically tracks how long you sleep each night and time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages.


  • Do not disturb & sleep mode 

Mutes calls & notifications and turns your screen off.

  • Music controls

Your watch can play your music.

  • Call, text and app notifications

See calls, texts & smartphone app notifications on your wrist when your phone is nearby.

  • Bluetooth Call

Keep your device connected to your phone, and you can directly answer and make calls on your watch when you are not convenient.

  • 100+ watch faces

Choose from hundreds of clock face designs and store favorites right on your wrist.
or Upload your favorite picture as the dial.

  • Find My Phone

In Bluetooth connection mode, commands can be issued on the watch and your phone will ring.

  • 7-Day Battery Life 

Long battery life means less charging, more living. Battery life depends on features enabled, usage, environment and many other factors. Use of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Our devices are compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Product Parameter

  • Screen: Full-view color screen
  • Chip: Rene 8762DT
  • System: 10S 10.0. Android 4.4 or above
  • Screen Material: Glass(G+F)
  • APP: RDFit
  • Product Process: Zinc alloy + vacuum plating
  • Screen Size: 1.6" HD screen
  • Heart rate sensor: 3605
  • Resolution: 466*466
  • Bluetooth: Dual Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging: Wireless charging
  • Waterproof level: IP67
  • Charging Time: About 5 hours
  • Battery Type: 652025 Polymer
  • Total weight:280g(box+manual+product)
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery Capacity: 330mAh
  • Wristband Color: Black steel, silver steel, blue steel, black leather, silver leather, black silicon, silver silicon

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Russell Bauer

Book that came with the watch is too small! Difficult to read.

Dear customer, please click this link to get the manual in English.

Kathleen McCrum

Bought watch for my partner he absolutely loves it

Stephen Sykes

Readings are not accurate, systolic is off by 20 pts. Glucose is close.

Dear friends,
The national standard electronic sphygmomanometer stipulates the error requirements for systolic and diastolic blood pressure: mean difference ±5MMHG, standard deviation difference <8MMHG. Accuracy below 5MMHG is accurate.
Since our smartwatch is not a medical device, the test data cannot be used as a medical standard. We sincerely hope our smart watch can help you.

Anastasio Caruso
very good functionability

so far so good, it is performing as expeted and very happy with it.

Paul Lorraine
Great Watch

I purchased this watch a few months ago. I had a 3 year old smart watch and wanted to replace. After researhing several watchs I decited on this one. It has performed better that expected and as advertised. I tested against current blood tests and Doctor reports. All data was very close. I would purchase this watch again.