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FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet

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Electrocardiogram(ECG) Recorder Function

Using the ECG sensing chip, based on the I-lead standard and superconducting powder metallurgy technology, the ECG waveform (ECG) of the heart is collected, which is the same principle as the detection of ECG machines in hospitals, helping users to detect abnormalities and assess sudden risks in a timely manner.

 Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurement on Wrist.

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) is the volume of oxygen and hemoglobin bound in the blood as a percentage of the total hemoglobin volume. It is the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. Knowing the blood oxygen level is of great importance for us to understand our state and protect our health. Brain workers, snoring people, the elderly, and residents of highland and alpine hypoxic environments should always test their oxygen saturation levels.

  • Snoring Monitoring

The biggest danger of snoring in sleep and accompanied by short periods of apnea is lack of oxygen. VKV3E smart bracelet can automatically and continuously detect the blood oxygen value of the sleeper in the early morning (0-8am) and vibrate when there is a risk of low blood oxygen to remind the sleeper to adjust the sleeping position or wake up the sleeper. This can ensure the safety of snoring people to a large extent.

Artificial Intelligence AI Analysis Report Screening of 32 ECG Diseases

Accurate and Real-time HRV Tracking Monitoring

HRV, or heart rate variability, refers to the variability of heartbeat-by-heartbeat cycle differences and is an important indicator of the ability of neural activity to regulate the cardiovascular system, which is highly correlated with many cardiovascular diseases!

Heart Rate Monitoring Accuracy Upgrape

Combining PPG+ECG measurement technology, PPG optical measurement of heart rate is used for automatic recording throughout the day; the system statistically eliminates errors and gets the average, and the dual system works to ensure the accuracy and validity of the health test.

Convenient Blood Pressure Monitor

Adopt international common PWTT algorithm, can monitor blood pressure 24 hours. You can monitor blood pressure with the bracelet, or you can view more comprehensive data through the Hband APP.

Smart Sports Pedometer

Record all-day steps, calculate and display step count, distance walked Calorie consumption. You can record 7 days exercise data, arrange your exercise plan and enjoy the joy of exercise.

  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring - Record Complete Sleep Structure

Automatic and accurate monitoring of sleep and intelligent assessment of sleep quality. Even short naps can be identified and monitored.

  • IP67 Level Waterproof 

With IP67 waterproof, you can enjoy swimming and be fearless of sweat.

  • Smart Message Notification

No more missing important news when working, exercising

  • USB Direct Charging - Say goodbye to charging cables

130mAh Large Capacity Battery, improve chip to upgrade low power consumption

Description: This product comes with a charger

Customer Reviews

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B Williams

I have a pacemaker so will I effect it working at all?

Janie Blaxton

I love it thank you very much.

Thank you for your support. We have always been committed to meeting the needs of the majority of users, and there may be different views among different users on some products. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to feedback this problem and let us know your views. Communication is the best bridge, you can always consult our customer service to answer any questions. Wish you a happy life ~

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet VKV3E

It's great for the price!! The screen is super! Really like it :) been using it every day. Long battery. Fast delivery! Thank you A+++

Smart Bracelet VKV3E

The watch is a real class barely from the original. The app works Super connects with the mobile phone

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet VKV3E

Logistics are fast. This watch has all the functions. The dial is easy to view, the non-invasive blood sugar is great, and blood pressure can be measured at any time. It can be viewed at any time through the app, and can also measure the electrocardiogram for reference. Thank you very much for your patience and care in answering questions.

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