How To Use Hband APP To Adapt The Smartwatch

How To Use Hband APP To Adapt The Smartwatch

If you have an HBand-enabled smartwatch,You can use it to monitor Blood Pressure, Blood oxygen, Heart rate, Sleep tracking, or Take an ECG,etc. Those Smartwatches can help you monitor your health 24/7.
Next, I will take you to use your watch more intelligently from the following two aspects.

Why can't some functions of the watch be used?

That's because you didn't properly use the APP connected to the watch and the functions in the watch.
Some functions of the watch can be opened in the "permission management" of the APP, such as Bluetooth, camera, receiving information, calling reminder and other functions. Only when opened in the APP, the watch will open this function.
Some features are also included in the "More Actions" Settings of the Data panel. Here you can set the alarm and select the APP you want to receive messages from.

Smartwatch how to open some functions?

The watch lights up and slides down to find Settings, where you can set a lot of functions. Open the feature you want to set in Health&Monitor.
If you want to receive Notifications from social apps, simply go to Notifications, as shown below.

Why can't the results be detected or the data is too different?

Before testing, you need to ensure that the watch contact skin and watch back is clean, no water, oil stains, etc. These can lead to inaccurate test results.
In the detection process, the watch should be close to the skin, and can not be greatly shaken. If shaken, the test will be interrupted or the results will be inaccurate. The best is to be able to hold the watch with one hand, so that it is close to the skin while still maintaining stability.
When testing the ECG, keep your fingers close to the electrodes. Releasing them in the middle of the ECG will interrupt the test.
The above information should let you know more about the watch. If you have questions and suggestions can comment or leave a message below, Xiaobian will reply to everyone's information.

Note: the above content is only for support H BAND smart watches, not fit other smart watches.

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