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Monitor Sleep Apnea with Professional Health Smartwatch


Smart wearable devices such as smartwatches and smart bracelets have gradually gained popularity among people. The health monitoring function is a major selling point for some products. In addition to calculating walking steps and calorie consumption, it also includes sleep quality monitoring.


With the development of technology, smartwatches can detect more and more data, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, sleep data, and even stress. Everyone who has used it knows that it is difficult to make a measurement by smartwatch absolutely accurate, which has a lot to do with the measurement method. But even so, data taken by smartwatch is controlled within a certain error range, which is still useful.


Smartwatches provide us with health data detection functionalities, but we cannot rely on smartwatches for medical diagnosis. But as a daily long-term health monitoring, keeping informed of changes in physical health status is an excellent use.

First of all, people who have daily snoring habits are advised to buy a smartwatch or smart bracelet that supports the detection of sleep apnea function regardless of body weight, and you need to pay attention to the following points during daily wear testing:


It is not subject to short test results, but a long-term and stable result. For example, if you wear it for a week, most of the test results are problematic. Then don't hesitate to go to the hospital. Under the doctor's guidance, treatment, improvement, and prevention should be done. Choose a watch that is comfortable to wear. Usually the lighter the better. I think the bracelet is the most suitable. There is basically no sense of existence when wearing it at night. Even if the symptoms are mild, insist on wearing it for a long time to fall asleep. The device needs to be slightly tightened (comfortable to fit the skin, not too tight or loose), in order to make data measured by the watch/band can be as accurate as possible.

The wristbands/watches on the market that can automatically monitor sleep use a motion recorder to analyze sleep status. To put it simply, there will be a sensor on the smart bracelet that measures the quality of sleep based on the amplitude and frequency of wrist movements when you sleep.


What method and principle are used to determine sleep apnea? If you have more than 30 apnea events during the whole night's sleep (7 hours), you can be considered as suffering from sleep apnea syndrome. The apnea event refers to a state where the airflow is stopped for 10 seconds or more during each breath. In addition, if the number of hypopneas per hour exceeds 5 times, it can also be regarded as sleep apnea.

When an apnea event occurs, the blood oxygen content in the body will also decrease, so the smartwatch can continuously measure the blood oxygen content to detect the state of the body. When the blood oxygen level measured by the watch is lower than a certain index it will be recorded as an apnea event, and when this number reaches 40 times, it is equivalent to sleep apnea syndrome.


The motion recorder can detect small movements to determine whether we are awake, light sleep, or deep sleep. As for how to determine the user’s state, it depends on the default parameters of the bracelet. A trigger condition is used to determine whether the user enters the sleep state. When the monitoring data of the bracelet matches the preset data, the bracelet will determine that the user has entered the corresponding mode.


Here are a few methods you can treat sleep apnea. Don't lie down at night when you sleep, instead of sleep on your side instead, so that the pressure on the upper airway will be less

For those diagnosed with sleep apnea, please follow the doctor's advice. If the doctor asks you to use a ventilator, please use it. Increase daily exercise intensity to improve physical fitness and reduce body obesity. Quit smoking/drinking, if you are reluctant, you can reduce the dose or quit one of them first, and then observe whether there is any improvement through long-term wearing of the bracelet. If not, please continue to increase your efforts.


Smart wearable products utilize a low-cost way to minimize the impact on life to monitor the health of the body for a long time. The advancement of technology is awesome. Although it is not absolutely accurate. The biggest significance of wearable devices in the health field is that it allows us to have a more portable monitoring method so that people can spend less money, carry out early prevention. The prevention risk of illness by smartwatch is very valuable.

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