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Fitaos Bluetooth Call Blood oxygen Blood Pressure Detection Luxury Smartwatch

Fitaos Bluetooth Call Blood oxygen Blood Pressure Detection Luxury Smartwatch

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Smart Watch

The watch is equipped with advanced health and fitness tracking features, such as heart rate, sleep, and activity. It also has GPS, so you can easily follow your outdoor activities.

Display your like

Choose from hundreds of clock face designs and store favorites right on your wrist.

Multi-sport mode

Create your own sports circle
A wide range of common exercises are built in, with intelligent algorithms for training status Real-time monitoring, professional exercise data analysis so you know more about training. Keeping track of your health.

High-end technology

Fearless challenge and unbridled love

Add luminous beads, 24 hours energy storage, in the dark night to know the time change diving timing function; Luminous beads hit the position of the minute, and wait for minutes to go to 15 cells, indicating that the gas in the oxygen tank is about to run out, and remind to return to the shore.

Professional sports data analysis

During your workout, you can always check your exercise time, distance calories, changes in pace and you can also view all-day pedometer data and your exercise data for the last seven days.


Heart rate monitoring too high alarm

Health monitoring your heart rate and synchronize the data to the APP, You can set an alarm for abnormal heart rate. When your heart rate is abnormal, the watch will automatically remind you to take care of your health.


Blood oxygen monitoring

PPG optical sensor for oxygen saturation monitoring and seven-day blood oxygen recording. Professional-grade bio-sensing chip,independent blood oxygen saturation SpO2, make sure blood oxygen measurement more accurate, you can check detailed data in the App, monitor our health all the time, and keep aware of it.


Blood pressure monitoring

Using high-performance optical sensors and self-developed optimization algorithms, it can accurately measure and record your blood pressure.


Sleep Tracking Technology

Records deep sleep, light sleep, total sleep time and sleepover a 7-day period.Helps to understand sleep status


Continuously All Day Long

Adopt high-performance heart rate sensors, automatically generate heart rate data every half an hour, intelligently identify abnormal heart rate and other situations, and provide personalized guidance!

Caller information alerts Don't miss important messages

Synchronize with mobile phone, support SMS alert /push Facebook Twitter and other social applications, synchronized display, do not miss important news

Full metal CNC texture Heavy business feel

Steel case, tough, durable and scratch-resistant, steel
bracelet. Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit

Stainless steel watch band

Automatic slingshot snap-off is easy to wear and naturally fits the wrist, making it comfortable to wear

Turn the outer ring counterclockwise

By turning counterclockwise, the outer arrow 12 o'clock is turned to point to the minute hand in the dial.Timekeeping begins. From the moment the minute hand is marked by rotating the outer ring, the time elapsed by the minute hand The time from the start of the calculation on the outer ring scale to this point is the marked time period. Can be used for running, sports or time-limit timing

Customised dials

A light touch to capture the beauty of a moment, not
following or chasing. Your world is your definition

Classic business charm

The classic rotatable dial can adjust the corresponding time at any time when traveling across time zones, suitable for business you.

  • Bluetooth calling

    Make and receive calls with built-in speaker and microphone. Work
    meetings and drive without missing important calls.

  • Rotary encoders

    Rotation of the main interface and colorful menus support for buttons. OK operation, free dial switching

  • A wide range of dials to choose from

    A wide range of personalised dials built in to suit your daily mood and outfitSporty, minimalist or business-like. You'll find what you're looking for

  • Long battery life

    Equipped with 380mAh high energy density lithium battery, 15 days standby time. Built-in fast charging chip, multiple security protection,safe and stable, more convenient to carry

  • Large 1.3" HD screen Always on display

    1.3" HD IPS color screen, 240*240px HD resolution. A wider colour gamut clearer picture quality and a sharp eye-catching display on your wrist bringing you, The design of the watch is a perfect fit Atmospheric design that is both static and dynamic.

  • Convenience features

    A variety of convenient functions for a smart life on your wrist. Many small functions to reduce the burden and add energy to your life.



    Fitness & Work Out(5)

    • Exercise Modes

    Track your favorite exercises like runs, bike rides, weights, yoga & more and get live stats on your wrist.

    • Heart rate tracking

    The heart of it all—heart rate powers important data like calorie burn, sleep stages, resting heart rate & more.

    • Active Zone Minutes

    Tracks your time in heart rate zones so you get credit when you work harder. Workouts in cardio or peak zones earn double minutes.

    • All-Day Activity Tracking

    Just get moving, we'll take care of the rest. Smartwatch tracks your steps, distance, calories burned & Active Zone Minutes 24/7.

    • Timer & Stopwatch

    Get instant access to tools that make our life easier—like a timer for interval training and a stopwatch for tracking sets at the gym.

    Health & Exploration(3)

    • High & Low Heart Rate Notifications 

    If resting heart rate is above or below your usual range, you get notified in the app.

    • SpO2 (Blood oxygen) tracking

    Tracking SpO2 helps tell you the amount of oxygen in your blood, which can help you understand potential changes in your wellness. Not available in all markets.Not available in all countries. Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose. Intended to help you manage your well-being and keep track of your information. Requires more frequent charging.

    • Menstrual health tracking

    Log periods, record symptoms, find patterns in your cycle & estimate your ovulation window.
    Not intended to be used for contraceptive or other medical purposes. May not accurately predict your menstrual cycles or related information. Intended only to help you monitor and keep track of certain information.


    • Sleep Score 

    Learn about the quality of your previous night's sleep with a personalized Sleep Score.

    • Sleep Profile

    Get matched with a sleep animal and see a personalized analysis of your sleep every month.

    • Sleep tracking & sleep stages

    Automatically tracks how long you sleep each night and time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages.

    SMARTS & MORE(8)

    • Do not disturb & sleep mode 

    Mutes calls & notifications and turns your screen off.

    • Music controls

    Your watch can play your music.

    • Call, text and app notifications

    See calls, texts & smartphone app notifications on your wrist when your phone is nearby.

    • Bluetooth Call

    Keep your device connected to your phone, and you can directly answer and make calls on your watch when you are not convenient.

    • 100+ watch faces

    Choose from hundreds of clock face designs and store favorites right on your wrist.
    or Upload your favorite picture as the dial.

    • Find My Phone

    In Bluetooth connection mode, commands can be issued on the watch and your phone will ring.

    • 7-Day Battery Life 

    Long battery life means less charging, more living. Battery life depends on features enabled, usage, environment and many other factors. Use of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.

    • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

    Our devices are compatible with iOS and Android phones.

    Customer Reviews

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    Garth Wallace
    just in time

    great watch, bought 3 for my friends