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Veepoo Smartwatch's Breathing Exercise

Breathing excerise is a good way to releax your mind and body, and you can open the tab on Veepoo's smartwatch to select a time peoird you would like to practice your breathing. The goal of breathing training is to improve muscle strength, endurance, coordination of the respiratory muscles, maintain or improve the degree of the chest, establish an effective breathing pattern, promote and relax the exercise effect, improve physical fitness, endurance.

Breathing position selection: sitting, standing or lying on the back, proper position can relax the body, correct exercise can improve the control of the respiratory muscles of the human body.

Before performing a complete breathing exercise using smartwatch, it is recommended to strengthen the breathing muscles to ensure smooth breathing. If the breathing muscles are weak, minor problems such as dizziness may occur during the exercise. Relax your body and breathe freely to relieve it. .

After intensive training of the respiratory muscles, you can start a complete breathing exercise.

Breathing exercise training methods include: abdominal breathing training, resistance breathing training, deep and slow breathing training, and lip-reducing breathing training. The following mainly introduces abdominal breathing.


Correct Smartwatch Breathing Exercise steps:

Lie on your back and relax, or stand up straight, or sit with your back straight. Beginners are advised to practice lying down first, open the breathing excersie function on your smartwatch.

Relax the body: place one hand on the abdomen and the other on the chest, feel your breathing a little, and then try to adjust, gently inhale and feel the air to the nasal cavity, throat, lungs, and diaphragm slowly press down to the abdomen, to the pelvic cavity, air Fill the entire lower abdomen, then slowly exhale, relax the body, feel the diaphragm rebound upwards, exhale, do not shrug your shoulders during the whole exercise, the collarbone will not move upwards, try not to expand the thoracic spine.

Tips: People who are just starting to practice can put a bottle of water on their abdomen for proper compression exercises. Start the exercise with your smartwatch today!

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