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FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Heart rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch Pro1 for Women or Men

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Heart rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch Pro1 for Women or Men

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Take an ECG Anytime Anywhere, Your health partner is in your hands

Built-in Maxim and OSRAM High-end ECG|SP02|HR chip,
The fastest 30S to capture high-precision cardiac electrical signals;
512Hz ECG sampling frequency, Acquisition of I-lead ECG signal. If there is any heart discomfort, activate the emergency mode, Quickly capture and store abnormal ECG signals, view the report through the APP, and export the ECG for sharing.

VKG08  ECG Smartwatch
Generate Professional Health Reports for a 360-degree view of your health!

The wearer can use Hband APP to view various health or activity data collected by the smartwatch at any time, quickly assess their own health status through changes in data trends, and share data with family, friends, or doctors

Core Technology

Multichannel Optical Design, More accurate data
7-channel optical path | 6 LED light sources | 3 electrodes.
Multiple colors and wavelengths to extract different levels of skin data, more powerful new algorithm monitoring, lower power consumption, and more accurate data monitoring.
Built-in GR5515 CPU, strong processing performance
Built-in powerful GR5515 processing chipset, high-level production process and raw materials, stronger processing performance, more accurate data acquisition

Fresnel Optical Lens - More Accurate Optical Measurement Technology
Stronger light penetration for more accurate data. Built-in Fresnel lens makes the scattered light parallel when the light passes through, making it easier for the sensor to collect data information, thus ensuring the accuracy of the measurement data.

Infrared Light For Mesure Blood Oxygen
Blood oxygen concentration not only determines exercise performance but also affects sleep quality. Wrist reflex blood oxygen monitoring technology helps you better understand your blood oxygen content and apnea.

Continuous Blood Oxygen Tracking
At night, it will continuously track your blood oxygen saturation, analyze your sleep health and breathing health, breathing rate, sleep apnea, and even your physical activity times and heart load, it can track, of course, it also There is nighttime hypoxic vibration reminder.
Tip. The tracking of blood oxygen saturation is conducive to the early detection of respiratory system problems, and paying attention to blood oxygen saturation is beneficial to health.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitor blood pressure, record the process of blood pressure changes, get more detailed feedback, and sync the data to APP to keep an eye on your health 24 hours a day.
  • HD Big Color Screen - Clearer Data Presentation and More Comfortable Touch

Full circle High-definition touch color screen with 240*240 high-resolution high-definition color screen display, which can be slid and tapped, convenient and fast, devote to a colorful life.
  • Multiple Sport modes

Support 10 exercise modes, record your time and heart rate during exercise, calories, and other data, and scientifically adjust the state of exercise.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring

24 hrs monitor your heart rate and synchronize the data to the APP. Higher heart rate warning, always take care of your health.
Rest-exercise heart rate variability

    Warning. A high or low heart rate can predict potential disease risk in advance.
    Safety: Exercise intensity can be safely controlled for patients with heart disease.
    Heart Screening: For the average person whose heart rate remains high at the end of the exercise, the heart rate is screened for unhealthiness.
    Validity: For athletes or coaches, a heart rate that remains high at the end of exercise may be at increased risk of injury due to overly intense training
    • Sleep Monitoring and analysis

    Monitoring the whole process of sleep quality, real-time heart rate, sleep breathing quality, more accurate determination of sleep (sleep duration, number of awakenings, duration of light/deep sleep) based on big data analysis, scoring sleep quality, and helping to record complete sleep information for a good night's sleep.
    • Female Caring

    Help you know your menstrual cycle, record menstrual periods, safe periods, and dangerous periods, and care for women's physical health.
    • Find Phone

    After BlueTooth is connected, tap on the device find phone function the phone will ring
    • The New Generation Bluetooth 5.1 - Lower Power Consumption

    Data transmission is more power efficient, more stable, and faster. Adopt a large-capacity battery and intelligent power consumption algorithm to maximize power consumption typical use situation can last for 15 days,keep easy and happy every day.
    Description: This product comes with a charger
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Albert DeLuca

    The watch looks and works like advertised.

    Vinod bhardwaj
    Good watch

    I purchased this watch some days back and it's really very well, very much accuracy in all health related apps.really worth for this purchase.

    dale borel
    great watch

    Love this watch Been diagnosed with A-fib 10 years ago and this has helped me to keep track of my episodes. ECG function works great.

    Benjamin Sanchez
    Great value fitness tracker

    I use my watch every day. It charges quickly so I don’t have to go without it long. I measure my exercise and sleep and reminders to move. It keeps me healthier.

    Ella Collins
    Happy with the purchase

    Bought for my husband as a gift and he’s seems to love it. He loves the ECG feature because frankly, he’s a hypochondriac, and the battery life seems great.