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Readings are not accurate, systolic is off by 20 pts. Glucose is close.

Dear friends,
The national standard electronic sphygmomanometer stipulates the error requirements for systolic and diastolic blood pressure: mean difference ±5MMHG, standard deviation difference <8MMHG. Accuracy below 5MMHG is accurate.
Since our smartwatch is not a medical device, the test data cannot be used as a medical standard. We sincerely hope our smart watch can help you.

Very hapoy

Prompt delivery, good tracking of shipping ,
Very happy with watch and app. Everything as advertised

Neat watch, questionable measurements

The watch is neat and is loaded with great features. The measurements are questionable. I took the watch off for a day and noticed that the glucose, blood pressure and blood components looked just like the day before. It couldn't tell I wasn't wearing the watch and the blood sugar levels went up and down just like the day before, it seems that the watch is just making it up without real measurements. I have also noticed that the blood sugar levels start to rise before I eat anything, so it appears to be just a guess.

The rest of the features seem to work ok.

Dear friends,
The current national standard is that the deviation of blood glucose meter test strip measurement results should not exceed 20%, and our watch can reach 10%. Since our smartwatch is not a medical device, the test data cannot be used as a medical standard. The blood sugar function is just to help you understand your blood sugar trends. So you can use this feature to control blood sugar levels. We sincerely hope our smart watch can help you.
I hope you can understand.

Return mean nothing

I thought I was buying a watch to monitor blood sugar but this one does not.
I notified your company about a return of that one and purchase another of your watches that would do what I need. The return was denied. He gave me instructions to activate it but there's no place on watch for blood monitoring.
Other than that I like your watch and was looking forward to wearing it.

Hello, if you have any questions, you can send an email to customer service and we will handle it for you.

FITAOS Max 1 Heart rate Blood Glucose ECG/EKG Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Talk Smartwatch

Fitaos PRO 3

Purchased: Fitaos PRO 3 High-end ECG/EKG blood sugar health sports smart watch

Resident of Florida, United States.

This watch was purchased for me as a birthday gift.
I am type one diabetic and love this feature. It is within expectable range with my meter. As well as the heart related meters on the watch are spot on. CDC states not to rely on a smartwatch for testing your glucose. But I am using it as a general indicator if it goes high or low. Which you can set for your own range with a high and low setting and so far it has been really good.
In the USA the app I connected to is H Band.

My fiance was hesitant to place the order since it ships from China but he was pleasantly surprised that the website is legit and not a scam.

Extremely happy customer

Great Product

Good value, works great, plug & play, well satisfied

very good functionability

so far so good, it is performing as expeted and very happy with it.

Great value and does check Vital information

This is the best watch I’ve ever owned it checks all your your glucose it checks your heart checks you you know if you’re in the bad rhythm in your heart it gives you all kinds of information

Awesome Product

This is the second one I purchased. My husband's the Pro 3 was So Fantastic and Functional I had to Buy myself one. I purchased a Fitaos Pro 2 Great Quality, excellent Options fully Functional as Advertised.!! Just Awesome

Great Watch

I purchased this watch a few months ago. I had a 3 year old smart watch and wanted to replace. After researhing several watchs I decited on this one. It has performed better that expected and as advertised. I tested against current blood tests and Doctor reports. All data was very close. I would purchase this watch again.


My Fitaos watch works wery well aspecially ín ECG test.

Festure rich

This is the most complete smart watch i ever seen. I love it

Great watch

My first smart watch. Does what it advertised. Love it for blood pressure, and ecg.

Thank you for your order, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Fitaos PRO 3 High-end ECG/EKG blood sugar health sports smart watch

just in time

great watch, bought 3 for my friends

Fitaos Indestructible Outdoor Sports Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Call Reminder Bluetooth Music
John maloney

My watch strap has been broken went to get it fixed but told the case is broken we're the pin should go is cracked so cannot get it fixed can you please send a new case please as I cannot find my Guarantee.

Of course, customer service will handle it for you.

FITAOS Heart rate Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Talk Sports Smartwatch?

I only received the watch this morning, I bought it for my husband and he is very happy with it, he likes the fact that it looks like a proper watch.
We do however have one small problem, we cannot reset the SmartWatch to the correct time and date. We both have Apple iPhones and I didn’t notice that this watch doesn’t interact with iPhone.
We’re very happy with the watch but need to be able to have the correct time and date. Is there any way we can change these details without having to buy a different phone?

Hello, this watch can connect to an iPhone. When you connect your phone, the phone's time will be synced to the watch's. thank you.


The charge doesn't last very long.

Hello, you can turn off some functions that are not commonly used, such as blood oxygen monitoring, which consumes a lot of power.

good suprise

looks great, think I made a good choice. good quality