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New owner

Since I a technology challenge my daughter came by today to set it up. She had no difficulties in the set up. I love the ease of accessing the health tracking on my phone.

More than satisfied

Haven’t had any issues with this product at all. Very impressed.

Have worn for a six months

This watch is amazing for the price. The heart health features are top notch. Having a pacemaker and being 85, this watch with the HRV, sleep, HR, and EKG features helps me monitor and improve my health.

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet VKV3E

It's great for the price!! The screen is super! Really like it :) been using it every day. Long battery. Fast delivery! Thank you A+++

Fantastic and amazing beautiful watch. Honest promotion 100%

I extremely love the health watch. I’m amazed by how it reads your vitals. Every day I go out for exercise and monitor my heart rate, distance etc. I love the way it tracks your sleep schedule which gives me insight on how well I slept. I now recognize my sleep patterns and trying to achieve better sleep habits. The phone app is so useful to visualize you health monitor. I was really impressed by quality and accuracy. The only downside is it’s not waterproof and it would be nice not to charge it so often. I have a drone which charges off its controller. You’d think there would be a way to charge off you phone or other device. Maybe the band could be solar powered. I’m still extremely happy with the performance and the product and price point. I definitely would recommend this amazing high quality watch to anyone. The size is absolutely perfect for viewing. I give this beautiful amazing watch 10/10. Not often do I ever get a product online that I’m so satisfied with. I really thought it was a scam. The advertising was on point. The only thing I could find that was of some concern was 3 weeks of wait time to receive the product. Your watch is outstanding, amazing excellent quality band and looks great. Excellent excellent execution. Hats off to the inventor.

Smart WatchVKKS02

Excellent watch, I didn't even think its quality would cost so much money) The sensor works very well, and the iPhone will sync within a second after downloading the application! Watch records are very accurate, NFC, blood sugar, and heart rate... There are many sports functions to choose from.! I used it the next day, but the impression is already the sea! The watch is good.

RIG Smart Watch

The package arrived well protected and sealed, The truth is the watch is beautiful, it has no detail of imperfection and it is such that the description. The screen looks very sharp and the system goes smoothly as well as the connection to the application is stable. I have no complaints, so far all the tests I have done have been good and measure the health issue well. It's worth the watch and the store is very reliable.

Smart Bracelet VKV3E

The watch is a real class barely from the original. The app works Super connects with the mobile phone

EARSCOME BCEP01 HRV GLU Monitoring Smart Watch

Fast shipping, delivery very fast, received before the deadline. Beautiful watch

Bearscome BCE400 Smart Watch

I would say that from the beginning the watch is flawless. Let's me see all my notifications and sms as well. Plus all med apps on the phone work perfectly,

BEARSCOME BCG08 Blood Oxygen Heart rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch for Women or Men

Came in less than 2 weeks. Look great, it works, it will be seen how much exactly

No Delivery

I would Love to tell you how much I Love my watch, but I have not received it yet..
Could tell me where it is?

EARSCOME BCEP01 HRV GLU Monitoring Smart Watch

Finally received the watch I need, the things are very good, the price is good, thank you, shopkeeper! The attitude of shopkeeper is very professional and enthusiastic, there are questions to answer, reply quickly, I asked a lot of questions, and he did not feel annoyed, and answered me seriously. Besides, the watch is exactly what I need. The package was complete when I received it. To my surprise, after opening it, the watch is even better than I imagined! Have to give them credit. I'll come again next time I need it!

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet VKV3E

Logistics are fast. This watch has all the functions. The dial is easy to view, the non-invasive blood sugar is great, and blood pressure can be measured at any time. It can be viewed at any time through the app, and can also measure the electrocardiogram for reference. Thank you very much for your patience and care in answering questions.

very capable watch better than most

very capable watch better than most

Bearscome RIG With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitoring Health Smart Watch

This one is for the husband, the appearance is very nice, the watch screen is very clear, and we middle-aged people don't look labored. Especially let her husband use the watch to measure blood pressure and compare the blood pressure instrument at home, calibrated several times after the blood pressure is very accurate! After using it for a few days, it feels good so far!

BEARSCOME BCG08 Blood Oxygen Heart rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch for Women or Men

It's a great product. Product features are very rich, covering heart rate, blood oxygen electrocardiogram. In particular, the non-invasive blood glucose test function. Wear fashion atmosphere, clear and high-definition screen, logistics speed is a very fast, great experience. Excellent products are highly cost-effective and worthy of recommendation. Have very liked it.

The best smartwatch

Health watches are convenient for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and blood oxygen. Complete automatic monitoring data can be viewed when combined with the App. I like it. The watch is fine in workmanship, well packed, and complete in instructions. Good reviews.

FITAOS Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Smartwatch VKW9

I like it very much! The appearance level of a powerful watch, touch screen sensitivity is high, easy to operate, battery charging is particularly fast and very durable, and battery life is very strong, I hope to urge you to exercise every day, fitness, and weight loss success! Satisfied!

Smart WatchVKKS02

The watch is very beautiful and high-grade, very generous to wear, with many functions, it has all the functions of smartphones but also can answer the phone, especially the sports function and health function is very good, customer service is very good, very patient, the answer is very clear and in place, a very satisfactory online shopping.

FITAOS HD Bluetooth Calling Smart Sport Watch VKF26

Main functions: Fully functional, cost-effective, automatic motion recognition, monitoring the physical condition.
Endurance: It has only been used for 2 days. Currently, there is no problem with heavy use for 9 days.
Comfort level: comfortable to wear and easy to operate.
Workmanship quality: fine workmanship, fine materials, very good
Appearance: The appearance of the fashion atmosphere, is very like.
Easy to operate: easy to operate, and Huawei mobile phone is very convenient to use, all kinds of information, the phone will never miss, convenient.

VKF22R Smartwatch

This watch is very good, very functional, high grade, strong endurance, precision is very good, easy to operate, watch a lot of functions.

RIG Smart Watch

Main Features: Features really amaze me! Leading ECG monitoring, a lot of health applications, and cardiovascular health research are really very sweet! Chronic diseases are high risk, other functions sports, software, music, phone calls everything!