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FITAOS Heart rate Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitoring Bluetooth Talk Sports Smartwatch?

I only received the watch this morning, I bought it for my husband and he is very happy with it, he likes the fact that it looks like a proper watch.
We do however have one small problem, we cannot reset the SmartWatch to the correct time and date. We both have Apple iPhones and I didn’t notice that this watch doesn’t interact with iPhone.
We’re very happy with the watch but need to be able to have the correct time and date. Is there any way we can change these details without having to buy a different phone?

Hello, this watch can connect to an iPhone. When you connect your phone, the phone's time will be synced to the watch's. thank you.


The charge doesn't last very long.

Hello, you can turn off some functions that are not commonly used, such as blood oxygen monitoring, which consumes a lot of power.

good suprise

looks great, think I made a good choice. good quality

Actually works

After 4 other manufacturers, yours is the only one that is fully functional.

Good watch

I purchased this watch some days back and it's really very well, very much accuracy in all health related apps.really worth for this purchase.

Easy to understand!

It was very easy to figure out how to use this watch and connect the app. I've been wearing it for a few days now, and everything seems accurate. The watch face and pink band are attractive to wear. Very happy with my purchase!


This is the first watch in its price range that does what it promises

Late Shipment

Would have been nice to get this by Christmas. At least an option to have faster shipping and pay for it.


I only use the general readings at age 81 although I am active. Pedometer, Oxygen, pulse rate all appear to be accurate with other meters I use. I am still uncertain as to the accuracy of the BP measurement. The watch is a VERY convenient tool to have for quick access to information. This is my first experience with one and I can recommend it, with no concerns, as a VERY good watch to start with.

Smart watch

Works well with exception of blood pressure , cannot change skin tone to tune it in , otherwise good value for money

FITAOS ECG Blood Oxygen Monitoring Smart Bracelet

Health saver

Great product and easy to use

great watch

Love this watch Been diagnosed with A-fib 10 years ago and this has helped me to keep track of my episodes. ECG function works great.

Great watch

My wife is very impressed with all of the functions. Very satisfied

FITAOS ECG+PPG Health Smart Sports Watch

CFDA Certification Health ECG Smartwatch With Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitoring Health Tracker Watch

excellent watch

this watch is awesome. It is very accurate with all blood pressure blood sugar levels, oxygen everything that it does is pretty much accurate. I compare it with my blood pressure machine, blood sugar, and everything is was on target you guys do great products for the price you cannot be there keep up the good work. Thank you.

Great value fitness tracker

I use my watch every day. It charges quickly so I don’t have to go without it long. I measure my exercise and sleep and reminders to move. It keeps me healthier.

Love my new watch

I needed to replace an old watch, when the screen died. This one is wonderful. I like the display. Works well for me. HR seems to be accurate for me.

Cheap and worth it!

This cheap smartwatch has exceeded my expectations in every way. It offers an impressive set of features, a sleek design, and exceptional value for the price. If you're on a budget but still want a smartwatch that can do it all, look no further.

Good Quality at an Affordable Price!

Impressive Smartwatch, with notable drawbacks. I specifically bought it for my mother in law to help her manage productivity and health goals. The watch fits her nicely and she likes the screen which makes touch control easier.

Solid tracker with great design!

You can change various watch schema in the app. I wear it every night to track my sleep quality and it tells a lot! The battery last long and the charging is convenient.