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FITAOS 2023 New ECG+PPG Full Touch Screen Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure Heart Rate

FITAOS 2023 New ECG+PPG Full Touch Screen Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure Heart Rate

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Innovative Electrode ECG testing

Based on intelligent pulse wave technology and Cardiac Telecom Capture Technology, through the ECG measurement principle, the heart bioelectrical signal is collected, and the ECG data can be viewed within the 30s.

Intelligent Heart Rate Monitoring
Autonomous Heart Health Management
Adopt a high-performance heart rate sensor, integrate ECG+PPG technology, automatically generate heart rate data every half an hour, intelligently identify abnormal heart rate and other situations, and provide personalized guidance!

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Intelligent pulse wave technology, 30s blood pressure measurement measurement

24-hour blood pressure health monitoring, recording blood pressure changes, understanding blood pressure status, synchronizing APP, feedback more detailed data, and always paying attention to health.


Blood Oxygen Saturation Detection
With the newly upgraded red infrared light sensor to measure your blood oxygen saturation
When you are working for a long time, you can measure the blood oxygen value in time to grasp your own health status.

Sleep Monitoring

From 0-7 A.M., heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring are used to analyze changes in heart load and sleep breathing rate to determine whether there is a risk of sleep apnea. Low blood oxygen will vibrate to remind the owner; This function is very practical for people with respiratory problems, apnea patients, and snorers~


Record women's menstrual cycle, care for health Help you knowing your menstrual cycle,record menstrual periods, safe periods, and dangerous periods, care of women's physical health.

🚴 Multiple Sport Modes Achieve New Breakthroughs
-Steps, distance, calories, setting goals, 10 modes of workout, the record of activity will help you plan exercises one step ahead. Watch RIG records your exercise data so that you can better understand the details of your workouts. Let's achieve new breakthroughs together!
Core Technology
Multichannel Optical Design, More accurate data
7-channel optical path | 6 LED light sources | 3 electrodes.
Multiple colors and wavelengths to extract different levels of skin data, more powerful new algorithm monitoring, lower power consumption and more accurate data monitoring.
Built-in GR5515 CPU, More strong processing performance
Built-in powerful GR5515 processing chipset, high-level production process and raw materials, stronger processing performance, more accurate data acquisition

Fresnel Optical Lens - More Accurate Optical Measurement Technology
Stronger light penetration for more accurate data. Built-in Fresnel lens makes the scattered light parallel when the light passes through, making it easier for the sensor to collect data information, thus ensuring the accuracy of the measurement data.
  • HD Big Color Screen - Clearer Data Presentation and More Comfortable Touch

Full circle High-definition touch color screen with 240*240 high-resolution high-definition color screen display, which can be slid and tap, convenient and fast, devote to a colorful life.

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