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FITAOS Smart Bracelet Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Blood Glucose Sleep Detection HD Bluetooth

FITAOS Smart Bracelet Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Blood Glucose Sleep Detection HD Bluetooth

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ECG Blood Sugar Blood Oxygen
Smart Health Bracelet

Blood Glucose Monitoring | ECG Electrocardiogram HRV Variability
True Blood Oxygen | Multiple exercise modes  Blood pressure 
heart rate monitoring Body temperature monitoring

6 reasons to choose

More intelligent functions are waiting for you to discover

Curved thin and light design The beauty of streamer

The new 3D ultra-curved thin and light design is like a streamer, transparent and clean. It adopts a 1.47"' HD resolution fullscreen, and the extraordinary picture quality presents you with a star-like visual feast, classic streamer, true color breakthrough, and amazing sight.

512HZ ECG monitoring Accuracy increased by 48%

2.8 ECG millimeter wave algorithm 512-millimeter wave calculations per second, combined with ECG electrocardiogram analysis, the accuracy is increased by 48%, the heart abnormality is known in advance, and timely medical treatment is possible.

7th generation hybrid 3-lead ECG 36 kinds of disease screening and diagnosis

Innovative new 3-lead ECG monitoring technology improves data accuracy and increases the number of disease screening items.

Heart rate belt detection

The heart rate belt uses the micro-voltage signal generated by the beating of the heart to amplify and process the ECG value directly, thus reducing the influence of light and skin on the accuracy.

ECG data charting 32 kinds of ECG disease screening

Real-time tracking of your health status through built-in sensors, screening of 32 kinds of ECG diseases, and AI ECG that can be understood. Support ECG playback health report, provide intuitive and accurate ECG diagnosis report, intuitively see diseases and potential risks, and let you know your health anytime, anywhere.

HRV report

Lorenz scatter plot analysis report

In the APP, there are HRV heart health index analysis and Lorenz scatter diagram analysis reports, which can intuitively see the law of heartbeat and make an intuitive judgment on arrhythmia.

24/7 blood glucose measurement

Needle-free lifetime free measurement

Combined with optical, signal processing, and artificial intelligence technology assistance, it can provide continuous non-invasive blood-sugar monitoring, easily understand the trend of your blood sugar, adjust diet, exercise, and other lifestyles according to the data, and better control blood sugar levels.

Heart rate monitoring too high alarm

24-hour automatic monitoring

Integrating PPG+ECG measurement technology, PPG photoelectrically measures heart rate for automatic recording throughout the day. The new sensor supports intelligent timing monitoring, and manual real-time monitoring and automatically saves data and uploads it to APP to ensure the reference and accuracy of health tests.

Blood pressure monitoring

Using high-performance optical sensors and self-developed optimization algorithms, it can accurately measure and record your blood pressure.

Wrist Thermometer 24H temperature measurement

Through the temperature sensor,24-hour real-time monitoring, high measurement accuracy, and real-time monitoring of your own body temperature.

Scientific sleep

adjustment schedule

Sleep monitors your sleep duration and sleep quality at the same time, records deep sleep and light sleep, and checks sleep trends through the APP to help improve sleep quality.

Women's menstrual

cycle reminder

The built-in female menstrual cycle function reminds you of the safety period, menstrual period, ovulation period, and pregnancy period. The device will display different status prompts at different periods.

Switch between

various dials at will

There are a large number of styles in the dial market, and you can choose and replace different dials to meet different occasions and make the excitement uninterrupted.

Custom dial

Support custom watch face, you can set your favorite pictures as the watch face background, take selfies, of cute pets, couple photos, and family photos, and enjoy DIY style on your wrist.

Powerful chip upgrade

Equipped with GR5515PRO wearable chip, whether it is graphics processing or computing speed, it is N times stronger than ordinary Bluetooth watch chips, with ultra-low power consumption and strong battery life.

15+ sports modes

lignite sports passion

It supports a variety of sports modes, including custom sports modes and more than 10 professional sports modes, providing you with professional sports evaluation and suggestions to help you better understand the effect of sports.

Surging power

strong endurance

With the latest Bluetooth technology, the power consumption is as low as 15 microamps, and the battery life can be up to 7 days of use and 30 days of standby so that you don't have to worry about insufficient power at all.

IP68 level

Daily life waterproof

Waterproof and dustproof design, it can be worn normally in daily rain, hand washing, and cold water bathing, and can easily cope with daily life scenes.

Real-time notification

Connect mobile phones via Bluetooth, telephone, WeChat, and all kinds of APP information can be connected with The bracelet is synchronized in real-time so that you don't miss every important moment.

Sedentary reminder

Sitting for a long time affects the body's function. Set the time for sitting for a long time, The bracelet will remind you to get up and move in time to wake up your body, and Welcome you to work and study in a better state.

Various smart functions

Sports monitoring, call answering, do not disturb mode, stopwatch, find phone, real-time weather, and other functions are at your disposal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Randy Toy
Great watch

My wife is very impressed with all of the functions. Very satisfied

anthony griscti
excellent watch

this watch is awesome. It is very accurate with all blood pressure blood sugar levels, oxygen everything that it does is pretty much accurate. I compare it with my blood pressure machine, blood sugar, and everything is was on target you guys do great products for the price you cannot be there keep up the good work. Thank you.

Darlene Lowry

Very easy to use, excellent product!

Thank you for your support. We have always been committed to meeting the needs of the majority of users, and there may be different views among different users on some products. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to feedback this problem and let us know your views. Communication is the best bridge, you can always consult our customer service to answer any questions. Wish you a happy life ~

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