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ECG/EKG Function

After entering the "ECG" interface, Tap the "Start" icon to enter the gesture recognition countdown. The wrist and finger contact with the electrode will be detected within 3 seconds.

How to use ECG? Wear your smartwatch on your left wrist, place your finger on the side electrode of watch few seconds . Open  APP, the dashboard find your watch —- Tap(More), icons appear, choose the ECG icon. Result and wave graph will be shown and you can save it for record.




The progress will be displayed during the detection

Note: if you detect from watch directly,the ECG wave graph will not keep record on APP.


The result will be displayed after completion


If the test fails or the device is not worn correctly, the "unsuccessful" interface will be displayed


Smartwatch :

The interface displays the last detection result and time



The interface displays the highest and lowest heart rate and detection time and heart rate distribution graph respectively


Watch Setting:

Press the Side Button, Press the Side Button again → Tap "ECG" and Tap "start". Wear testing → start detection.


Open App to connect to the device, Tap "Dashboard", Tap your watch (More)", and Choose "ECG" icon, make sure watch wear on left wrist, put a finger on the side of electrode-save graph.

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