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Fitaos VEE Bluetooth Call ECG/EKG Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitoring Sport SmartWatch

Fitaos VEE Bluetooth Call ECG/EKG Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitoring Sport SmartWatch

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Fitaos VEE Smart Watch

Fitaos VEE is a multifunctional smartwatch that can be widely used for making and receiving calls, monitoring your health and exercise, and provides you with the smart notification and 20+ sports modes, which is durable and practical in your life, choose and use it every day, it will never let you down.

Fitaos VEE smart watch

Take an ECG at Any Time

Fitaos VEE smartwatch automatically records your heart rate, day and night. And at any time, in 30 seconds, an ECG reading is ready whenever you want. The ECG app can record your heartbeat and rhythm using the electrical heart sensor and then check the recording for atrial fibrillation (Afib). A report can be easily shared with a doctor via the app.


Principle of Uric Acid and Blood Lipids

The built-in chip can detect blood flow and the blood flow velocity in the radial artery. Physiological data is collected through the wrist's radial artery, and through backend calculations, it provides measurements of cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and other indicators.

It can detect your body fat, muscle ratio, internal water, skeletal muscle, basal metabolism, and other indicators.

Intelligent SpO2 Monitoring

The remarkable SpO2 ensor and app in Fitaos VEE smartwatch allows you to take on-demand readings of your blood oxygen from your wrist in only 30 seconds. Also, monitor breathing disturbances during sleep to better understand sleep quality for overall wellness.

Intelligent SpO2 Monitoring

Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Through all the suns and moons, it captures the signals of slumber, even the rest of a half hour's sun journey is marked. With a precise eye, it discerns the phases of sleep—swift eye movements, light slumbers, deep rests—thus revealing the full circle of dreams. With the tapestry of sleep woven, it diagnoses the quality of rest and offers wise counsel for sweeter sleep.

Scientific Sleep Monitoring

20+ Workout Modes

Embrace the path of health through running, yoga, and cycling. Embark on the journey of movement with open arms, as heart rate, distance, calories, and steps remain steadfast companions. Activate the mode of training, where safety and effectiveness walk hand in hand, guiding your workouts.

vee watch sports

Stay Connected

During the exercise process, Bluetooth calls, playing music, and checking messages can be done anytime, allowing you to not miss any important messages even while working out. With the built-in dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, you only need to connect once to achieve audio pass-through, Bluetooth call answering and dialing.

vee call

Switch up Your Style

With over 100 watch faces in the built-in H Band app, and new designs dropping in frequently, you'll have plenty of options to match your style or upload a picture to the H Band App and set it as your watch face.


Fitaos HBand App

Using FITAOS's products that support H Band App (such as smart wristbands and smartwatches), you can track data such as activity, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, and heart rate variability.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Amelia Turner
Love my new watch

I needed to replace an old watch, when the screen died. This one is wonderful. I like the display. Works well for me. HR seems to be accurate for me.

Ethan King

Works well. looks good

Olivia Davis
Solid tracker with great design!

You can change various watch schema in the app. I wear it every night to track my sleep quality and it tells a lot! The battery last long and the charging is convenient.

Scarlett Rodriguez
Best fitness tracker ever

Use it daily and love all the stats tracked. Trends help you monitor health.

Charlotte Scott

I love a few features: that I can track sleep patterns, can check for heart arrhythmias and alert. I love that I can get notifications, and that the battery lasts a long time!