Fitaos Fit S9 Smartwatch Review

Fitaos Fit S9 Smartwatch Review

A feature-rich smartwatch with great look.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers were also among the first devices that began adding mobile functions with the progress of technology. As a device worn directly on the wrist, it makes up for the absence of some functions of mobile phones, and also improves people's efficiency when dealing with external information. 

Let's see what this smartwatch can do for us, shall we?

It has always been Fitaos's priority to lead in the field of smart wearable devices with the Fitaos bracelet, which basically covers the daily needs of the general population. Smart watches and bracelets have become indispensable in our daily lives. A lot of people find that a lot of information can be view on smartwatch, such as the time, social and message notifications, etc., all of which make our lives a lot more convenient. Whats great about it is that this device would take the initiative and remind me to get up, move around, and to also suggest that I breathe and relax for a while, which is an interesting idea.

Design - Curved Large Display With High Definition

There are no shortcomings of Fitaos Fit S9 as far as the square dial with a 1.65-inch TFT screen and 2.5d curvature tempered glass surface transitions are concerned. The basic material of the middle frame and bottom is quite textured, and the workmanship is amazingly good. The surface of the body is polished delicately, and the quality is enhanced. The appearance of the crystal body is prominent, representing one of the highest quality watch screen materials out there. It definitely feels very delicate and high-end and displays clearly with great contrast when you look at the data. 

Features - Comprehensive Features Covering All Aspects

There are ten sports modes to choose from, as well as the ability to monitor sleep, measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and set sedentary reminders. The dial can be freely changed, and it can be customized with photos. In addition, this watch supports and is verified with IP67 (Ingress Protection) water and dust proof standards, so you don't have to worry about damaging it while washing your hands, sweating, etc. 

Battery Life - More Than 25 Days!

It is very easy to reach a battery life of more than 15 days in terms of the battery life with daily usage of functions. Even if the user relies on the function intensively, it can last for seven days, and with less use, it can stand by for more than 20 days, which is much better than Apple Watch. It is also worth noting that this watch is able to bring a full advanced features at this price point. 

Other Useful Features

As far as work goes, in addition to the basic functions that will be supported, the watch also supports notification of calls, messages and social information. Alarm clock wakes up and music control also come in handy sometimes. You don't even have to take your phone out. This is definitely an all-around upgrade compared to most of the smartwatch .

Interested in learning more?

By now, I hope you gain a better understanding of what Fitaos Fit S9 smartwatches can do in terms of features and design. You can click the link below to go to the detail product page and learn about this device!
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