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Smart Watch for Android and ios, Fitness Tracker Health Tracker for Women Men

Smart Watch for Android and ios, Fitness Tracker Health Tracker for Women Men

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One-button measurement Easy operation for the elderly

Innovative Electrode Type Electrocardiogram Testing

Based on intelligent pulse wave technology and medical hardware standards, through the ECG measurement principle, collecting heart bioelectric signal, the 30s can view ECG data.

ECG Data Graphing
Screening for 32 ECG diseases

Real-time tracking of your health status through built-in sensors with 32 kinds of ECG diseases. Screening, AI ECG that can be read and understood, support ECG playback. Health report, providing intuitive and accurate ECG diagnosis report Intuitive to see diseases and potential risks so that you can understand your health anytime, anywhere

Lorenz Scattergram Analysis Report HRV Heart Health Index Analysis

HRV Heart Health Index analysis and Lorentz scatter plot are available in the mobile app analysis reports to visualize the pattern of heartbeats and visualization of heart rate irregularities

Heart Rate Monitoring Heart Health Management

Adopt a high-performance heart rate sensor, and automatically fuse ECG+PPG technology every half hour. Collects heart rate data once every half hour, intelligently identifies abnormal heart rate and other situations Provides you with personalized guidance. 

 Blood pressure monitoring

24-hour blood pressure health monitoring, recording the process of blood pressure changes, understanding blood pressure status, synchronizing APP, feedback with more detailed data, and always paying attention to health.


 Oxygen saturation test

Equipped with the new upgraded red light and infrared light sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation. When you are doing long hours of brain work, you can measure the blood oxygen value at the first time Further grasp the state of the body, the health firmly in their own hands

Sleep Monitoring

Hypoxic wakeup is automatically monitored in real-time from 0-7 pm for blood oxygen and HRV by continuous night heart rate oximetry monitoring, respiratory rate, hypoxia time, cardiac load
Sleep respiratory rate change, heart load analysis, and other indicators monitoring. Sleep apnea syndrome; low blood oxygen vibration alarm Wake up patients; suitable for respiratory disease, apnea patients, snoring patients

Four types of wear Monitor to your heart's content

This product has four wearing modes: handheld, heart rate band, bracelet monitoring, and chest patch monitoring. All-round, more accurate

Exquisite craftsmanship

Borderless design concept, 1.39 inches under 3D glass cover HD touch screen with a natural transition to the carefully polished watch body brings better design sense and
wider field of view.

New Upgrade Excellence GR5515 chip

The new generation GR5515, with more powerful computing power and floating point technology, can solve complex algorithms, with faster-running speed resulting in a higher accuracy rate.

30-day long standby, Solve power anxiety

280mAH large battery, low-power Al algorithm, say goodbye to power anxiety. Using more convenient magnetic charging is safe and stable, more convenient to carry.

Scientific exercise guidance

Depending on the exercise mode you choose, whether the exercise interface is displayed or running. Cycling or playing football, you can turn on the matching sports mode. Always know your exercise situation and adjust your exercise mode.

IP68 deep waterproof

You can wear the watch for daily activities, wash your hands, and face,and shower waterproof and fearless

Message receiving reminder

Answer a call or view a message with one click in any scenario. It won't make you miss out on important information.

Customize the dial and be yourself

A large number of dials are constantly/updated online, and support custom dial settings.

Customize your watch to give you more options

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